Leadership and Lists

Found this awesome list in a new magazine we started getting yesterday called Whole Living. Highly recommended so far. Of course we’re only 24 hours in and our emotions are about as stable as the fault lines in San Francisco so that could change. But for now, we’re good.

Anyway, we can’t let a great list like this pass without a little commentary (our numbers match up with theirs):

1. Very true, if you’ve ever fasted for longer than a day you can actually feel this happening.

3. Does anybody actually have good posture? I can feel the scoliosis ravaging my body with each passing day in the office…

5. Probably the hardest one on here for us to abide by. Either that or we just keep too much stuff. Also, I promise we’re not sitting here and talking about how Kyle’s going to do the odds and Jen’s going to do the evens and it’s going to be soo cute. Promise.

6. I’ve found there to be far more to learn out of school than in. Some of Seth Godin’s followers agree.

7. Profound (and Biblical) but easily the most difficult.

10. This sounds fairly intuitive and yet so many people (myself included) rely on their knowledge and experience. And why shouldn’t they? Those are the weapons of leadership that got them to where they are. It’s funny though, how easily personal proficiency in a specific art can lead to hubris faster than you can Google “hubris” to make sure I spelled it correctly (I did). Instead, let the Lord reign in your heart and be led by that. Nothing else.