That’s Why It’s Good…

On vacation last week one of us (I won’t say who…you can email/tweet/facebook/bribe/physically harm me and I won’t say who) said the following phrase:

“Sometimes, I wish I was still single because it’s so much easier than being married” He or she (still not telling) was right too, it probably is easier.

One of my favorite Matt Chandler quotes ever is “yeah, my wife and I fight, that’s what happens when you put two sinners in the same house.” That’s the redeeming part of it though. Well, I think it is anyway, often I’m just caught up in winning the “it was you, not me, who left the yogurt out all night and ruined it!!” arguments. And most of the rest of the time I’m trying not to (as my brother puts it) “screw up what you got goin’ with the best girl you’ve ever had.” So I’ve got my hands full with those two things.

We don’t generally assign physical attributes to the “iron sharpens iron” verse from Proverbs, and yet God is comparing two people sharpening each other to a metal rod rubbing up against another metal rod. There’s some part of that verse that has to say, “yeah, this is going to hurt a little bit, but it’s what you need, it’s good for you.”

It’s better than easy.

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