Wardrobe Change

I’m writing this really late on Thursday night/ early Friday morning after Kyle’s first double header of the fall softball season. It’s the first season without the Hairy Alligators, and we definitely missed our friends back home. But the new team is really fun and now he’s a Decepticon. I don’t really know what that is, but then again, what’s a Hairy Alligator?

Here are a few of our thrift store purchases. We’ve decided that we’ve spent about $30 on clothes since we’ve been married, and this is only about half of what we’ve bought. Enjoy.

I’ll start off with a big fat fail. One of my first projects was to make a shirt out of one of Kyle’s dress shirts. (Note to readers: be sure and ask permission before you cut and paste. Your husband might not think his favorite dress shirt would look ab fab as your new skirt. Just a suggestion.) However, that shirt is now unrecognizable and is in pieces in the fabric scrap pile. Next time I’ll turn it into this:

Here are a few things we’ve repurposed:

From one of Kyle’s old T-shirts:

A before and after of an elderly woman’s blouse (I can only assume):

A GIANT dress I found. I’m pretty sure it provided me with 4.5 yards of fabric.

It will either become a skirt like this or a covering for the lampshade below. Possibly both. See 4.5 yards.

Also I have a stash of things I’ve left the same. A yellow tank, a linen and silk sundress, some fun jewelry and scarves. Here are some of Kyle’s. Because they’re pretty great they way they came.

We’ll try to keep you updated as our year goes on. Just know that it’s been challenging but really fun. Our clothes are becoming less about labels and more about the story behind them. Some of those stories are made up (by us) and some clothes tell the stories themselves. Regardless, our hearts are changing a little at a time. From a question of want versus need, from fashion-forward to creative-forward. And our wardrobes are changing with them.

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