Double NCP

Three months ago, in a moment of weakness and confusion, we made a decision. We didn’t really think much about it, didn’t do any research or ask questions, we just sort of jumped in. Sometimes I regret it, other times I’m glad I did it. The conversation went a little something like this:

“Hey- wanna make a pact not to buy new clothes for a year?”
“Uh… sure. Do you?”
“Yeah, sounds good.”

And that was that. And it looked dangerously similar to our conversation that started the whole surprise wedding. And look where that got us.

“Hey- you wanna have a surprise wedding?”
“Yeah… sounds cool.”

And that was also that.

We had three goals at the beginning of the No New Clothes Pact (NNCP):
1. Save money
2. Become more creative with the clothes we have
3. Become more creative with other people’s clothes they no longer want

Some things we’ve learned so far:
1. People give away some really ugly shooties.
2. People give away some really great shooties, you just have to dig for it
3. Even if you really hate something you buy or screw it up with the sewing machine, it only cost you $3. Sew on.

I go through seasons (as I would suspect we all do) of truly believing I have nothing to wear, even though I have a closet full of clothes. This season is no exception. Part of me wants to wipe my entire closet out and just start over. Except that it creates diagnosable schizophrenia because I suddenly find it hard to part with the sweater I’ve worn once in 3 years. The sweater suddenly carries emotional ties and some sort of obligatory “keep me” stare. Brutal.

Yet to clear it all out, I have to have something to replace it with. And how am I supposed to do that? One very cheap piece at a time.

I was watching a documentary this week titled Grey Gardens. If you haven’t seen it, don’t waste your time unless you’re really into Jackie O, hippies, bizarre-o behavior, song and dance, and recluse tendencies. If you’re like me, you’ll love it. It was filmed in 1975 and as I was watching, I started to realize that every single style is just something that’s being cycled back through the world of fashion. Some of the things they wore were quite strange, but some of the things I could see myself wearing this week. It was an encouragement to use those vintage patterns I have and to keep buying almost new clothes. Even if they are from 1985. My wardrobe will eventually become new to me.

Tomorrow we’ll show you a little of what we’ve bought, upcycled, and totally screwed up. Entertainment for all.


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