Why did we name this blog the marriage “project”?

That’s probably a question you’ve been mulling over for the last 2 weeks. Oh, it isn’t? Well I’ll address it anyway…

First of all, it was the coolest name I could find on OK, that’s not true, not completely true anyway. There are 2 real reasons we named this blog the marriage project:

  1. We ourselves are projects (think “2nd grader who can’t read” type of a project), both in God’s eyes and as a couple. We might take vintage wedding pictures and live in a cute little wood floor apartment, but deep down we’re both a mess. We are clay in the Father’s hands.
  2. This undertaking itself is a project (think “college group final to be presented in front of multiple professors” type of a project). It’s something we’re excited about doing and maybe even a little scared of. I’ve learned that when you do something, anything really, it always grows into something more than you thought it would for the mere fact that you’re doing something. Mark Driscoll agrees.

We’re back from Hawaii which means…the blogging will start to get more creative! Hopefully!

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