Engagement Week (Part 1)

Back in the middle of December (I know it’s hard to believe none of this got out in our Twitter-happy universe) I sent Jen on a week-long scavenger hunt that culminated in a Christmas-lights-laden proposal (video to be posted in a week or so). I documented it too, in emails to my family and hers. This week I’ll be posting the clues I left her, gifts I gave her, and a few other goodies while we’re on our honeymoon in Hawaii.

This is part 1. Follow along at your own risk.

Welcome to engagement week. I put together a scavenger hunt full of gifts, dinners, surprises, fun, games, and the ring ceremony on Saturday. It’s like a full season of The Bachelor minus the pre-marital sex with multiple women! I’ll try to explain everything as quickly and succinctly as possible. You can follow along with the pictures attached…

Clue #1 (which I dropped off at her apt.) is the red X you see attached below, it reads as follows:

Clue #1

The following 6 days
They’re gonna be greXt
I’m sending you off
To hunt down fate
You only have one rule
But you’ll need it a lot
Here it is, are you ready?
X marks the spot.
For your firXt clue
We’ll have to meet
6 PM, Thai Cafe
On husband street

Some of you (Kevin) are probably chastising me for misspelling a bevy of the words above, but the Xs represent letters that spell an overarching clue she will uncover as the week goes on. It will eventually lead her to the ring ceremony…

Stay tuned.