‘Tis a Gift to be Simple

Let me start by saying that we don’t have kids. So to those of you who do, I’m going to be that annoying kidless lady who has ideals about raising children that won’t ever get put into action because they’re not realistic. I realize that, and I’ll own it. But in this age of technological advances and Baby Einstein videos and expensive toys to teach your kids how to play, I really feel compelled to simplify. We played with pots and pans and dirt. We didn’t wear designer baby shoes and we still learned how to walk.

A married couple we know recently found out they’re having a baby. And this is what we sent them:

She loved the gift so much that it inspired her to write this post (watch out, she’s pregnant) about creativity and simplicity and adventure. At one point she says this:

It just takes a big cardboard box to build a princess a proper castle. A pillow case can turn any ordinary boy into a life-saving, high-flying, superhero. Daddies are so brave and strong they can hunt down and ward off any monster that lurks under the bed or in the closet. Curious George, Ferdinand the Bull, The Cat in the Hat, and The Three Little Pigs all have fame and heart and lessons that will stand the test of time. Mommies give the warmest, snuggliest hugs ever invented. And, an empty wrapping paper roll can quickly become a telescope that helps turn an ordinary night sky into a stargazer’s paradise.

Simplicity isn’t just for babies. Maybe it’s time we buy ourselves some alphabet blocks.

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4 Links for the 4th

We’re in Austin this weekend (don’t worry, we pre-posted everything, pre-posted is a funny phrase…) but we left you 4 great articles to celebrate the 4th of July. Happy cooking out and World Cuppies watching! PS: that’s NOT the vehicle we took to Austin but I kind of wish it was…

How to decorate a (very) tiny apartment– An archive from my now out of print favorite magazine in the world, Domino. Brides.com is bringing back a few articles online. This one has been generating lots of fun and pricey ideas for me this week. Come on decorating budget.
Etsy.com– the best place to find handmade and vintage goods online. Looking for a new project to start? Get inspired here.

LeBillionaire – I’m not a big fan of the free agency frenzy but this is an interesting look at just how many 0’s are attached to the end of that deal…
Simple or Poor? – Dan Miller (Dave Ramsey’s buddy) on the difference between being broke and being content

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