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I can’t remember the last time I bought something new to wear. I bought a few new things for our honeymoon (see how that turned out here), but I rarely shop to buy new clothes. There’s something so compelling about walking into a thrift store, never knowing what you’ll find, but expecting to be inspired. I do it for many reasons, but mostly because I love finding beauty in things someone else threw away.

Here are my favorite reasons to shop thrift:

1. Your house will look like yours- not anyone else’s.

I don’t sign up for Pottery Barn catalogs. They’re gorgeous, and in brief spurts I love things that match and don’t have scratches or dents. But that’s dangerous for two reasons: it’s not me, and it tugs on my heart to spend more money than Kyle has I have. So I pick things that have a story and that inspire me to creativity.

2. It makes me learn new things.

I learned how to re-cover an old chair, not by taking a class, but by trial and error in my own little space. I’m learning to hand embroider because I love Anthropologie but I can’t afford their tea towels. I make pillows out of old scarves because I love the fabric and the total project costs $3.84.  Thriftcore says it like this: The “if only” forces some creativity on your part to create the perfect item. Suddenly you remember how to sand, paint, and use the saw. You’re a creator again. And the more creativity you use, the more you have. So says Maya Angelou, and so say I.

3. It’s cheap.

I never want to pay more than $3.99 for a shirt again. And thanks to people who tire of their clothes, I’ll never have to.

Tomorrow: the pledge we’ve taken as a married couple to buy used things and a list of things we’ll never buy new. In the meantime, get inspired at Thriftcore and ReadyMade.

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4 Links for the 4th

We’re in Austin this weekend (don’t worry, we pre-posted everything, pre-posted is a funny phrase…) but we left you 4 great articles to celebrate the 4th of July. Happy cooking out and World Cuppies watching! PS: that’s NOT the vehicle we took to Austin but I kind of wish it was…

How to decorate a (very) tiny apartment– An archive from my now out of print favorite magazine in the world, Domino. is bringing back a few articles online. This one has been generating lots of fun and pricey ideas for me this week. Come on decorating budget.– the best place to find handmade and vintage goods online. Looking for a new project to start? Get inspired here.

LeBillionaire – I’m not a big fan of the free agency frenzy but this is an interesting look at just how many 0’s are attached to the end of that deal…
Simple or Poor? – Dan Miller (Dave Ramsey’s buddy) on the difference between being broke and being content

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